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About Difeee

Difeee Diamonds understands the experience of searching for diamond jewelry at retail outlets can be overwhelming. Information and inventory are limited and pressure from hard-pushing salesman can leave you feeling uneasy and pressured.

That is why Difeee offer you an easy-to-use, intuitive and intelligent software online platform to choose your diamond from our inventory online at your own time and convenience.

Difeee sources the very best quality diamonds from across the globe. Each diamond comes standardized with a recognized certificate from reputable gemological laboratories. Furthermore, we transfer our surplus savings on 'would-be' commission and marketing from traditional retail outlets directly onto our customer's savings, so you get exceptional value for money for any diamond purchased from us.

Our website lets you find the most suitable piece of Jewelry within your budget without compromise, and makes the special occasion of buying a diamond into a memorable one!

Our Mission

Dedication to best value for every customer

- Difeee staffs a collaboration of experts with over 20 years' experience in the diamond industry.
- Difeee offers our customers an expansive range of hand-picked stock to select from.
- Difeee offers competitive pricing without compromising quality.

Shopping with confidence!

Difeee Diamonds understands you may be unsure about shopping online. That's why we are prepared to earn your trust by allowing customers to examine and compare our inventory of diamonds in person at our showroom before making any decision.
Customer Service