We're profoundly grateful for the ongoing support from so many of our customers! A lot of you have been sharing with your friends and otherwise helping to spread the word about our unique offerings, educational content, and special commitment to quality. We've been looking for a way to fully express our thanks and reward you for this generous support and loyalty, which contributes so much to Difeee's ability to thrive as a business and continue providing you with brilliant Diamond Jewelry.

It is with this aim that we are excited to introduce a new rewards program that will allow us to give something back to you for your much-appreciated support! We have implemented a system that will give you the opportunity to get points in a variety of ways, which can then be redeemed for special prizes that would not otherwise be available for purchase.

Getting Started

Customer who make any purchase at Difeee valued over 10,000 Hong Kong Dollars are eligible to join DIFEEE CLUB. You will be given a unique login and password to enter our DIFEEE CLUB page. DIFEEE CLUB members will be rewarded purchases and referals.

How To Gain Points

There are currently two ways (Purchase and Referal) in which you can gain points, and we are thinking about adding more ways to gain points in the future.

Purchases: For every HK$ 10,000 purchase earns you 50 points. For Example, if you make a purchase of HK$ 30,000, you will earn 150 points.

Referals: You earn the same amount of points as the referred customer. For example, if you refered a customer to Difeee and he/she make a purchase of HK$ 30,000, the customer earns 150 points and you as the referer also earns 150 points. You must ensure the customer you refered can tell us your member login/telephone number or simply give them your member card to show us.

To make it simple and easy for our members, every 1 point = 1 Hong Kong Dollar.

Redeeming Points for Prizes

A variety of special prizes will be offered based on availability. The prize catalog will display the number of points required for redeeming each item. You can redeem your points for a prize as soon as you've reached or exceeded its required point value. When you've gained enough points, you can click on the prize of your choice and press the button to redeem it. We will be notified of your redemption and contact you to arrange collection.


Customer Service