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  • Engagement Ring
    From the diamond, to the setting, to the size, to the budget, choosing an engagement ring has to be one of the most daunting purchases of a man's life. It's unlikely that any other gift he gives will be worn as much, mean as much, or indeed be talked about as much. Our engagement ring guide is designed to help every man make his most heartfelt purchase with confidence.
  • Wedding Ring
    The exchange of wedding rings is a widespread tradition globally, and is often the focal point of a wedding ceremony or celebration. Traditionally made from a simple band of precious metal, wedding rings are enormously symbolic and very precious, and it is essential they work well in combination with the bride's engagement ring.
  • Anniversary Ring
    Anniversary rings serve to remind and reinforce the loving union that engagement rings and wedding rings represent. Typically given at a special anniversary, a far greater degree of creativity is afforded in their design. Varying from culture to culture, certain gemstones have become synonymous with particular anniversaries, such as rubies for a 40th anniversary. Certain designs have also become traditional for anniversary rings, symbolising different aspects of love and marriage.
  • Ring Size
    The best way to ensure an accurate ring measurement is to visit your local jeweller, who will likely offer the service free of charge. Always measure as close to the knuckle as possible, and bear in mind that a person's ring size can change throughout the day and over time. When fingers are cold they tend to contract, and ring size may become smaller. The ideal time to measure ring size is towards the end of the day when fingers are at their thickest.
  • Ring Finishes
    The all-important finish of a ring refers to much more than just its final polish before it heads off to the jewellers to be sold. This is the final and key stage of crafting a high-quality ring, and different finishes appeal to different tastes. Whether your preference is a smooth and silky sheen, or a more textured look and feel, the ring's finishing touch is there to enhance its design and durability. Polished, satin and brushed are the three most common ring finishes, but each one can be tailored to your taste, from the intensity of the shine, to the coarseness of the metal.
  • Women's Jewellery
    Just as every woman is unique, the same can be said for her jewellery collection. Women's jewellery is crafted in all styles, shapes, colours and sizes, and there is something to suit every occasion and sense of style.
  • Right Hand Rings
    As the saying goes, 'The left hand is for thee, the right hand is for me', and women of all traditions and marital statuses should have the opportunity to sparkle and shine with a beautiful diamond ring. Given they are considered more for occasions than everyday use, right hand rings can be more avant garde and expressive than traditional engagement and wedding rings.
  • Men's Rings
    Men's rings have sharply increased in popularity in recent years and are now found in a wide range of precious metal types and styles. Wedding rings are by far the most common type of men’s ring on the market, but more elaborate and personalised designs are becoming more available.
  • Earrings
    Few accessories will bring as much sparkle and character to a woman's appearance as much as a pair of gorgeous earrings that frame her face. Whether it is a dangling statement set that complement the cheekbones, or a striking pair of studs, there's a perfect pair of earrings for every woman.
  • Earring Backs
    It may be surprising to learn just how many types of earring backs there are to choose from, and how aesthetic they can be. In addition to their practical role of holding an earring in place, sometimes earring backs become a feature in themselves.
  • Pendants
    An open neckline demands an eye-catching accent, and a pendant can perform the role perfectly. Typically hung from a chain around the neck, pendants are a unisex jewellery staple, a versatile gift item, and come in an array of materials and styles.
  • Heart Pendants
    A gorgeously romantic gift, heart pendants are available in varieties that suit every taste. Usually crafted using gemstones hung from a precious metal chain, heart pendants make ideal presents for loved ones on birthdays, anniversaries, and of course Valentine's Day.
  • Cross Pendants
    A popular gift for christening, baptisms, and for those facing life's challenges, the cross pendant is synonymous with faith, although it can represent different virtues to different people. Its simple shape can be individualised in a great many forms; from the addition of diamonds and gemstones, to variations of precious metals.
  • Bracelets
    Bracelets are a highly versatile accessory and can be lovely tokens of friendship, love and affection. A stylish bracelet will bring style and sophistication to any ensemble, and they come in an array of beautiful compositions.
  • Charm Bracelets
    No jewellery piece can be customised and changed over time quite like the delightful charm bracelet. This highly personal and timeless style of bracelet is popular with every age group and makes a very special gift. The wearer can add and remove symbolic, personal mini-treasures as life evolves and tastes change.
  • Necklaces
    Necklaces are a striking way to complement the neckline, to bring a sense of elegance to an outfit, or to hold a treasured memory close to the heart. There are three key characteristics that determine the quality and character of a necklace: the type of metal, the gemstone it may or may not contain, and the length. An ideal length and style for your décolletage can enhance your neckline and totally transform your look.
  • Birthstone Jewelery
    Cultures have long associated precious and semi-precious gemstones with mystical powers, connectivity with the solar system, and anthropomorphic traits. Over time, these associations have morphed into the tradition of birthstones, in which gemstones are associated with particular months in the Gregorian calendar. It's believed that the stones offer a degree of protection and wellness to those who wear them, and their personal relevance make them wonderfully charming. Given the many ways in which birthstones can be set and worn, it's easy to tailor them to an individual's style.
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