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Very few accessories will provide as much sparkle and character to a woman's appearance as much as a pair of gorgeous earrings that frame her face. Whether it is a beautiful dangling statement set that complements her cheekbones, or perhaps a striking pair of studs, there is always a perfect pair of diamond earrings for every woman for every occasion.

Shopping for the perfect pair of diamond earrings requires technique and a keen sense of style, as it involves a process of balancing a few things: comfort, design and price. What's most important is to find a pair that suits your taste as well as your skin type. Earrings are the only type of jewellery that penetrates the skin, so it is therefore very important to be very selective when choosing your choice of materials.


    Nowadays, earrings are available in nearly every metal imaginable. It's important to understand which parts of the earring you are looking at are made from which types of metals; for example, gold studs won't necessarily come with gold posts, and platinum studs won't necessarily come with platinum posts. Also, be careful not to purchase a pair of earrings that's only part gold or part platinum.

    Earrings are often adorned with diamonds or gemstones, and it's important to have a basic understanding of the quality of the stones inside. It's a good idea to ensure that your diamond earrings contain only high-quality certified stones.
  • GOLD

    We recommend you choose 14 karat or 18 karat gold when shopping for earrings, whether your taste is for white, yellow or pink gold. These qualities of gold offer the best durability in combination with the highest purity and colour.

    Platinum is a precious metal that is a very popular choice for earring metal because it's 95-99% pure and therefore suitable for skin that is sensitive. It is, however, a dense material, which means that platinum earrings will feel heavier compared to gold earrings.

    Another precious metal that's strong and durable, palladium has recently emerged as a popular alternative to platinum. As a member of the same metal family as platinum, palladium is actually lighter in weight compared to platinum, but shares its strength. Buyers can take note that it offers the same shine, purity, and durability as platinum, but at a lower price point.

    Titanium is a metal that's also popular among the sensitive skin set; however, its more subdued dark grey colour makes it more popular choice with men. Titanium is 100% allergy free, light, and extremely durable. In testament to its hypoallergenic nature, it's even the go-to metal for surgical tools and implants!

    Stainless steel is also a common and very popular variety of men's jewellery metal; however, it's not ideal for those with metal sensitivities as it's typically alloyed with nickel. Similar to titanium, stainless steel is slightly darker and duller than other metals, such as gold and platinum.


The three most popular diamond earring styles are studs, hoops, and dangle earrings.

    The simple stud is the smallest and most comfortable type of earring. It usually features a post back that holds the earring securely in place, and can vary in size and design to add a subtle shimmer or a bold statement to complement any outfit you have on.

    Hoops can vary greatly in size, and are worn by both men and women. Depending on their size and design, they can be appropriate for both casual or even special events. Larger hoops, sometimes adorned with diamonds, are both sophisticated, glamorous and certainly eye-catching.

    Dangle earrings vary in length and are typically the most decorative and ornate of all types of earrings. These diamond earrings often come in an array of designs and can have complex features. These dainty shapes hang delicately off the earlobes, and are often adorned with fancy gemstones or diamonds.
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