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What is Difeee Plus+?

Choosing a diamond online may not be an easy task. Just looking at the specifications and price can be confusing. For example, a One Carat E Color SI1 Clarity and Excellent Cut diamond could range from HK$50K to HK$80K. Why is there such a big gap? The answer is CLARITY. Some SI1 inclusions may be on the table of the diamond while some may be on the side which is very hard even for specialist to see.

So how do you know which one is best value?

At Difeee, our specialist eye-check every diamond we sell. That's why we find some diamonds may be graded SI1 but may be as fire or sparkly as a VS2 graded diamond. However, these diamonds are priced at SI1 grade which makes them good value for money.

To make things even simpler, we have grouped these good values for money diamonds under "Difeee Plus+". It can be easily sorted for easy reference from our online Diamond Search.

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