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Diamond rings are highly sought after around the different cultures and countries of the world. These rare gems are the real deal when it comes to perfect cut and symmetry. Their sparkle and dazzling clarity along with the exquisite shape and colour ooze luxury and sophistication.

The classic beauty and strength are just some of the areas where diamonds outshine the other stones. Little wonder they’ve become the perfect symbol and expression of true love. That said, if you need the best diamond rings in HK, Difeee Diamonds offers a great difference from the rest!

  • Diamond Engagement Rings

    Round brilliant is by far the most popular diamond shape and is one of the hardest to cut. It was invented by a mathematician from Belgium, Marcel Tolkowsky, in 1919. He came from a family of diamond cutters, and that year he wrote his doctoral thesis on diamond proportion and symmetry before pioneering the cut that millions of people have worn on their engagement fingers. The round brilliant cut contains 58 facets, and is considered to optimise a diamond's brilliance and fire more than any other cut through its perfect proportions and symmetry. Choosing a round brilliant cut can allow for greater compromise on colour, cut and clarity.
  • Diamond Eternity Rings

    The classic design of a diamond eternity ring is of many small diamonds set side by side in a round band. This continuous circle of diamonds represents eternal love and commitment, and is also a popular style for wedding rings. Just covering half the ring with diamonds is becoming a popular alternative, due to its lower price for the same image when the ring is worn with the diamond side facing up.
  • Right Hand Rings

    Right hand diamond rings are usually made for women who wish to wear a diamond ring, but are either unmarried or choose to keep their marriage status private. Just like diamond engagement rings, they come in many sizes and styles.
  • Diamond Anniversary Rings
    Depending on your nationality and beliefs, the 'diamond wedding anniversary' can appear as early as your 10th year of marriage or as late as your 60th ! However, diamond anniversary rings are commonly purchased at all stages of marriage and are a traditional and romantic way to commemorate such occasions. These can be worn on any finger and are most commonly set with either a small line or ring of diamonds.
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