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Diamond Bracelets
Diamond bracelets are a classy accessory on girls and women alike, bringing beauty to any outfit with their versatility and eye-catching beauty. The most common designs are the diamond bangle bracelet and diamond tennis bracelet.

Diamond Bangle Bracelet

Just as its name suggests, this bracelet features a strip of diamonds that circles the wrist, and can be worn as a single feature piece or in a set of multiple bracelets. They can either slide past the hand, or be tied around the wrist with a hinged clasp.
  • Prong Set
    The prong set diamond bangle bracelet is the most common style of diamond bangle bracelet, and uses a series of prongs to support a run of diamonds fastened with a hinged clasp.
  • Channel Set
    A strong bracelet for active wearers, the diamond channel set bangle bracelet has a deep channel that holds the diamonds snugly in place.
  • Bezel Set
    Chic and contemporary, the bezel set diamond bangle bracelet protects the diamond from being clipped as the wearer moves and gesticulates, with its dual sides that hold the diamond steadily in one place.
  • Tennis Bracelet
    Diamond tennis bracelet are soft and flexible. Diamond tennis bracelets link a row of diamonds together without its prongs being visible. A popular style due to its sleek, modern appearance, this bracelet showcases each stone, and can be crafted using any shape or cut of diamond. This type of diamond bracelet is also called an eternity bracelet because of its unbroken string of stones.
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