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Caring for Your Diamond
Diamonds are one of the strongest natural elements found on earth; however, they still need careful attention to ensure they don't crack, break, darken or even shatter. Like any physical object, diamonds may also collect dirt, dust and grease, and should be kept clean to maximise their beauty and sparkle.

Keeping your Diamond Clean

It's a good idea to bring your diamond to a professional jeweller once or twice a year to have it professionally cleaned. At that time, the jeweller will also be able to check the diamond has not become loose or damaged.

There are plenty of diamond cleaning kits and solutions available on the market; however, you can also easily clean your diamond at home using regular household products:

1. Mix a gentle cleaning agent that does NOT contain chlorine with warm water and let your diamond jewellery soak in it for a short time.
2. Use a soft toothbrush to brush any dirt away from the diamond, being careful to approach it from all angles to ensure all its crevices are reached.
3. Rinse the diamond jewellery in warm water, being extremely careful not to drop it down the sinkhole! It's a good idea to use a strainer.
4. Dry your diamond jewellery with a soft, clean cloth that doesn't contain lint.

Keeping your Diamond Safe

Diamonds shouldn't be worn during any activities that put it at risk of damage or loss, such as swimming, playing sport, rigorously cleaning the house, washing dishes, gardening, or washing your hair in the shower. When not being worn, diamonds should be kept it a soft pouch or box.
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