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Diamond Pendants
Few necklaces will go with any outfit as well as a diamond pendant, which tastefully and elegantly enhances the neckline with their subtle shine. While diamond pendants are designed in many classic and unique styles, they typically feature one or a series of diamonds hanging off a delicate chain made from precious metal.
  • Solitaire Diamond Pendants
    These classic pendants are comprised of a single diamond dangling from a chain of precious metal. The most common diamond shape chosen for pendants of this style is the round brilliant, usually within a prong or bezel setting.
  • Diamond Heart Pendants
    A popular choice for romantics, lovers or gift-givers, the diamond heart pendant has many styles that incorporate one or more diamonds into its heart shape. The pendant may be entirely encrusted with diamonds or feature a small, single diamond somewhere in its frame.
  • Diamond Journey Pendant
    A contemporary design that showcases a row of diamonds increasing in size, diamond journey pendants are typically arranged in either a straight line or an 'S' shape. This image represents the journey of a couple's relationship and their growth, or an individual's passage through life, making it a popular anniversary or milestone birthday gift.
  • Diamond Circle Pendants
    The attractive diamond circle pendant is made up of a perfect circle encrusted with diamonds. This symbol of infinity makes it another popular choice for anniversaries, weddings and engagements.
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