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Caring for Your Gemstones
Gemstones vary greatly in their vulnerabilities, and no matter which beautiful variety you possess, they all need to be looked after with care. Some types of gemstones are sensitive to heat and cold, others are affected by common chemicals, and certain forms can break easier than others. It's important to know which type of gemstone you have and how to specifically care for it, but these general tips will also help protect your gemstone's stunning sparkle.

General Protection Of Gemstones

  • Your gemstone jewellery should be the last accessory you put on when getting dressed, taking care that it doesn't come into contact with cosmetics, shampoo and conditioners, perfume, hairspray, harsh soaps or strong chemicals.
  • When wearing gemstone jewellery, make sure the piece's clasps are properly fastened.
  • Don't engage in any rigorous activities that may damage your gemstones while you are wearing them, such as household cleaning, playing sports, gardening and swimming.
  • Before putting your gemstone jewellery away, remove any dirt, dust or oils by wiping the surface down with a damp cloth.
  • Always store your gemstone jewellery in a soft pouch or box, or wrapped within a soft cloth. Never store your gemstone jewellery directly beside other jewellery items, as they may scratch against each other. Diamonds are of particular danger to other types of gemstones due to their extreme hardness – always ensure you keep your gemstones and diamonds stored separately.
  • In order to ensure your gemstone doesn't loose its eye-catching radiance, you should gently clean it from time to time. Do your research into how your particular type of gemstone should be cleaned, or ask your jeweller, as some gemstones are more vulnerable to certain cleaning agents than others – including mild soap. Make sure you know what sort of gemstone you have, and that you are cleaning it gently with compatible products. The chart below is a good place to start.
  • It's also a good idea to take your gemstones to the jewellers once a year to have them professionally cleaned. At that time the jeweller will also be able to check the gemstone hasn't become loose in its setting, and that all the jewellery's clasps and mountings are still functioning properly.

If you own a pearl necklace, ask a professional jeweller to tie a knot in the string between each pearl to stop the individual pearls from rubbing together. Restring them on occasion – at least once a year if you wear them often.

Gemstone Soap-Water Soak Ultrasonic Cleaner & Steamer
Amber Yes No
Aquamarine Yes No
Citrine Yes No
Coral No. Wipe with dry or damp cloth only. No
Diamond Yes. Rinse and dry well. Yes
Emerald Yes No
Garnet Yes No
Lapis Lazuli No. Wipe with dry or damp cloth only. No
Opal No. Wipe with dry or damp cloth only. No
Pearl Yes No
Peridot Yes No
Pink Tourmaline Yes No
Ruby Yes Yes
Sapphire Yes Yes
Tanzanite Yes No
Topaz Yes No
Turquoise No. Wipe with dry or damp cloth only. No
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