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Anniversary Ring
Anniversary rings serve to remind and reinforce the loving union that engagement rings and wedding rings represent. Typically given at a special anniversary, a far greater degree of creativity is afforded in their design. Varying from culture to culture, certain gemstones have become synonymous with particular anniversaries, such as rubies for a 40th anniversary. Certain designs have also become traditional for anniversary rings, symbolising different aspects of love and marriage.
  • Five Stone Anniversary Ring
    This ring typically includes five gemstones set around a precious metal band. Representing the five key elements of a happy marriage (love, trust, serenity, strength and health), the stones can vary in size and type.
  • Three Stone Anniversary Ring
    Representing the past, present and future, and also common as an engagement ring, three stone anniversary rings feature three stones, either of similar sizes or highlighting one dominant stone in the centre.
  • Eternity Anniversary Ring
    Symbolising the eternal union between a married couple, eternity anniversary rings are one of the most popular varieties of anniversary rings, and incorporate gemstones set around the circumference of a precious metal band.
  • Journey Anniversary Ring
    Representing the growth of a couple's marriage over time, journey anniversary rings feature gemstones that increase in size and are set in either a straight line or an 'S' shape.
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