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Birthstone Jewelery
Cultures have long associated precious and semi-precious gemstones with mystical powers, connectivity with the solar system, and anthropomorphic traits. Over time, these associations have morphed into the tradition of birthstones, in which gemstones are associated with particular months in the Gregorian calendar. It's believed that the stones offer a degree of protection and wellness to those who wear them, and their personal relevance make them wonderfully charming. Given the many ways in which birthstones can be set and worn, it's easy to tailor them to an individual's style.
  • Birthstone Rings
    Rings using birthstones either as centre stones or accent stones make a thoughtful gift. They come in a wide variety of styles and can be combined with other gemstones or diamonds. The additional selection of precious metal settings means rings can be customised to each individual taste.
  • Birthstone Earrings
    A pair of birthstone earrings brings a sophisticated and sentimental touch to any outfit. Precious and semi-precious birthstone earrings can be crafted either as understated studs, or feature more ornate designs.
  • Birthstone Pendants
    The personal significance of birthstones makes the pendant an ideal setting option, and the staggering array of eye-catching designs mean there's something to suit every taste – be it on trend, or classically understated.
  • Birthstone Necklaces
    The vibrancy of birthstones make them particularly well suited to single and multi-strand necklaces. Choose from a classic strand spotlighting a single stone, or mix things up for a more modern look with a variety of stones and strands.
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