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Bracelets are a highly versatile accessory and can be lovely tokens of friendship, love and affection. A stylish bracelet will bring style and sophistication to any ensemble, and they come in an array of beautiful compositions.
  • Chain Bracelets
    While modest chains are the simplest style of bracelet, they can still make a bold statement. Chain bracelets are usually fashioned out of interwoven links, which are flexible and close with a clasp. From contemporary creations fashioned from platinum, gold or silver, to intricate and entwined designs, chain bracelets can vary greatly in length and style. They're as popular with men as they are with women, and common forms vary from beaded, to mesh, to woven, to braided, to rope chains – each creating different looks.
  • Bangle Bracelets
    Bangle bracelets are strong, rigid and usually completely circular, representing eternal love in many cultures. They are a popular type of bracelet due to their sleek appearance and contemporary design. Bangle bracelets come in a variety of styles and materials, and are often ornately inscribed with intricate designs and patterns. Most are made from precious metals or glass, and can be worn as either a single feature piece, or mixed and matched with other styles for a dramatic statement. For a little added glamour, bangle bracelets may be adorned with precious stones or encrusted with diamonds.
  • Cuff Bracelets
    Cuff bracelets are similar to bangles in their strength and rigidity, but are wider and thicker. They usually either slip over the wrist, or feature a hidden clasp, and have a chic, modern look. These dramatic bracelets often feature bold patterns and elaborate designs inscribed on their surfaces, making them trendy for all ages.
  • Charm Bracelets
    Meaningful little charms are the perfect way to bring a personal touch to your bracelets. The charm bracelet is a simple link or chain bracelet that allows its wearer to attach charms or trinkets to the chain, making them eternally versatile and perfect for every occasion. Charms can be added and changed over time, allowing for customization of the bracelet’s character and meaning. The price of a charm bracelet depends on its number of charms, quality of materials, and craftsmanship.
  • Pearl Bracelets
    Pearl bracelets are elegant and suitable for any age, and are made using some of the world's most lustrous naturally occurring gemstones. They’re usually comprised of a string of Akoya, Tahitian, Freshwater or South Sea pearls, which are delicately strung together and secured by clasps.
  • Eternity or Tennis Bracelets
    Tennis bracelets, often referred to as eternity bracelets because of their long set of individually set diamonds, are a chic and classic type of bracelet that exude a casual charm. These bracelets are flexible, durable, and secured with a clasp, making them comfortable to wear on both informal and formal occasions.

Caring for Your Bracelets

In order to keep your bracelet beautiful, glowing, and ready to wear, it's important to look after it. As bracelets often vary in design and material, each piece involves a cleaning and washing process specific to its type, and it will continue to sparkle if you care for it accordingly. To keep your bracelet in its most optimum condition, it's important to take note of its specific material and appropriate cleaning procedures. In general:

  • Never wear your bracelet when handling harsh chemicals, cleaning products, soap solvents, or other hazardous substances, such as chlorinated pool water, laundry detergent, nail polish remover or seawater.
  • Always remove your bracelet before engaging in any activity that may scratch, dirty, bend or chip it, including dishwashing, gardening, sports and swimming.
  • Never wear your bracelet with a garment that may catch on the bracelet, rip it, tear it, or become entangled with it.
  • Always put your bracelet on after applying cosmetics, perfumes and lotions.
  • Always store your bracelet safely in a soft container or pouch, as you would do with your wedding rings and engagement rings.
  • Only clean your bracelet using methods appropriate for its specific metals, stones or other materials.
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