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Charm Bracelets
No jewellery piece can be customised and changed over time quite like the delightful charm bracelet. This highly personal and timeless style of bracelet is popular with every age group and makes a very special gift. The wearer can add and remove symbolic, personal mini-treasures as life evolves and tastes change.
  • Chain Charm Bracelets
    The most traditional type of charm bracelet, single or multiple charms dangle from loops of precious metal that hang from a delicate chain. Charm bracelets make a wonderful family heirloom that can be passed down (and added to) across many generations.
  • Link Charm Bracelets
    Also known as the Italian charm bracelet, the link charm bracelet is flat and elasticated in design, with the charms sitting flat on the metal wristband. Usually square, the decorative charms can be adorned with gemstones and symbolic motifs and then attached flatly to the bracelet. With so many charm options to choose from, the link bracelet can easily be altered to match your mood or the colour of your outfit.
  • Snake Charm Bracelets
    Snake charm bracelets first became popular in the 1980s and are now commonly identified with Pandora, the Danish jewellery company. A precious metal snake chain allows charms to slide onto it, rather than hang down. These delightful charms are often adorned with gemstones and beads.
  • Personalised Charm Bracelets
    Charms can symbolise whatever is most special to the wearer, be it religious motifs, reminders of treasured moments or loved ones, signs of the zodiac, pets – the possibilities and combinations are limitless. A completely personalised charm bracelet provides a lifetime of joy, as the owner searches for new charms with sentimental significance to add to their one-of-a-kind bracelet.
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