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Ring Finishes
The all-important finish of a ring refers to much more than just its final polish before it heads off to the jewellers to be sold. This is the final and key stage of crafting a high-quality ring, and different finishes appeal to different tastes. Whether your preference is a smooth and silky sheen, or a more textured look and feel, the ring's finishing touch is there to enhance its design and durability. Polished, satin and brushed are the three most common ring finishes, but each one can be tailored to your taste, from the intensity of the shine, to the coarseness of the metal.
  • Polished Ring Finishes
    The most popular type of ring finish, polished ring finishes produce a high degree of shine that catch people's eyes. Traditionally, it was thought that, the better the shine, the better the quality metal, so it's no surprise that a polished finish is so favoured among ring purchasers.
  • Satin Ring Finishes
    Satin is the second most popular ring finish and is still polished in nature, although it is far less reflective than a polished finish. Very fine brushed lines on the metal are used to achieve the satin look, which means that tiny scratches on a ring of this type will appear less prominent than they would on a ring with a polished finish. Satin ring finishes still appear smooth and generate a soft glow.
  • Brushed Ring Finishes
    The brushed ring finish is more about texture than shine. A brush wire is used to carve very fine lines into the metal, which result in a shimmered, non-reflective appearance. More textured than the satin finish, the brushed ring finish is the third most popular finish for rings.
  • Hammered Ring Finishes
    As its name suggests, jewellers use a hammer to tap a highly textured look into the metal to produce the hammered ring finish. Its distressed appearance captures light on its uneven surface, and is surprisingly stunning. Textured and light reflecting, the hammered finish is popular with those seeking something a little different.
  • Florentine Ring Finishes
    Developed to reflect a diamond’s natural sparkle, the Florentine ring finish is achieved by applying delicate criss-cross lines to the metal. As a result of the multiple reflecting points this effect creates, the ring will seem to shimmer in certain light.
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