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Heart Pendants
A gorgeously romantic gift, heart pendants are available in varieties that suit every taste. Usually crafted using gemstones hung from a precious metal chain, heart pendants make ideal presents for loved ones on birthdays, anniversaries, and of course Valentine's Day.
  • Open Heart Pendants
    The appeal of the open heart pendant lies in its simplicity. It features a precious metal outline of a heart, with the metal chain threaded through the heart shape. Elaborations are possible through the addition of diamonds and gemstones to the heart outline, or hung from its centre cleft.
  • Closed Heart Pendants
    A variation on the open heart design, the closed heart pendant has a bail on the chain and is crafted with a flat back and face, allowing the heart to lie flat on the wearer's chest and the pendant to be made entirely of either precious metal or a gemstone.
  • Puffed Heart Pendants
    Made from precious metal, the puffed heart is three dimensional in its design. Most frequently, the heart will be hollow to keep its weight and cost down.
  • Double Heart Pendants
    Symbolic of the bond between two loved ones, the double heart pendant design makes a special gift. The two interlocking hearts are available in as many style combinations as the single heart pendant.
  • Lockets
    The ever-popular and traditional heart locket opens up so the wearer can keep something of sentimental value inside, such as a baby tooth, a wisp of hair, or a photograph.
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