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Necklaces are a striking way to complement the neckline, to bring a sense of elegance to an outfit, or to hold a treasured memory close to the heart. There are three key characteristics that determine the quality and character of a necklace: the type of metal, the gemstone it may or may not contain, and the length. An ideal length and style for your décolletage can enhance your neckline and totally transform your look.
  • Collar
    Typically 11-13 inches long, collar necklaces delicately wrap around the base of the neck and complement thin, slender necklines.
  • Choker
    At 16-18 inches, choker necklaces are worn just above the collarbone and draw attention to the base of the neck and shoulders.
  • Princess
    The princess necklace is the most popular style of necklace, dangling over the collarbones to display a gemstone or pendant. It's extremely versatile and measures approximately 20 inches in length.
  • Matinee
    Matinee necklaces are usually 20-24 inches in length and offer a beautiful enhancement to a semi-formal evening look. Sitting at the centre of the sternum, these necklaces are elegant and classic.
  • Opera
    At 30-35 inches, opera necklaces hang dramatically over the breastbone and are perfect for layering. They're most suitable for people with larger necks and those who appreciate a more dramatic look.
  • Rope
    Rope necklaces can measure over 36 inches long, and are usually worn without a pendant. These necklaces can be worn as a dramatic long strand, or may loop around the neck several times at different lengths. They offer an alternative aesthetic to the classic chain.

Metal Necklaces

  • Warm Metals
    Warm metals, such as yellow gold, copper, bronze and brass, can soften imperfections and brighten your overall complexion.
  • Cool Metals
    Cool metals, including white gold, platinum, palladium and silver, can make freshen your appearance and bring a contemporary sheen to an everyday outfit.

Gemstone Necklaces

  • Diamond
    Diamonds have long been celebrated as perfect symbols of the most precious moments in life. They exemplify prestige and class, and can bring a sense of luxury to any necklace or pendant. Diamonds by the yard, as well as eternity necklaces, are beautifully simple and among the most popular diamond necklace styles.
  • Pearl
    The classic pearl strand, made of some of nature's most brilliant and bright gemstones, is the most common variety of pearl necklace. These necklaces carry a traditional and vintage flavour, and exude an air of delicate femininity.
  • Coloured Gemstone
    Coloured gemstone necklaces frequently combine birthstones, anniversary stones, and/or zodiac stones to create a luminous piece of eye-catching jewellery.
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