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An open neckline demands an eye-catching accent, and a pendant can perform the role perfectly. Typically hung from a chain around the neck, pendants are a unisex jewellery staple, a versatile gift item, and come in an array of materials and styles.
  • Gold Pendants
    Gold pendants are the most common type of pendant, and are typically available in a variety of karats and colours. Their styles range from personalized name pendants, to gold lockets, to special novelty items that make sentimental gifts.
  • Diamond Pendants
    Diamonds are the most coveted of all the world's gemstones, and bring opulence and prestige to every pendant. Whether the pendant features a free-hanging solitaire diamond, or is encrusted with glittering diamonds, the beauty of a diamond pendant is timeless.
  • Gemstone Pendants
    The pendant of choice for the modern women who likes to make a statement, gemstone pendants are playful, exuberant, and rich in colour. They're favoured by many for their vibrant colours that can brighten the appearance and mood.
  • Pearl Pendants
    Pearl pendants are the perfect everyday-wear accessory, with a luminous shine and delicate nature that exhibits class and sophistication. There are many types of pearl pendants to choose from, with pearl solitaire and gemstone encrusted pearl pendants being the most common choices.
  • Silver Pendants
    Silver pendants are, by far, the most popular and affordable type of pendant. They are fashioned in a variety of designs to create a different vibe with each outfit. From chunky, flashy pieces to small dainty accents, silver pendants can bring a touch of sparkle to the day.
  • Heart Pendants
    Traditional expressions of love, heart pendants have become a classic pendant staple. The sentimental beauty of the simple heart pendant makes them perfect gifts for romantics.
  • Cross Pendants
    A symbol of religious faith, cross pendant designs can range from modest and small, to elaborate and exotic creations adorned with gemstones or diamonds.
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