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Right Hand Rings
As the saying goes, 'The left hand is for thee, the right hand is for me', and women of all traditions and marital statuses should have the opportunity to sparkle and shine with a beautiful diamond ring. Given they are considered more for occasions than everyday use, right hand rings can be more avant garde and expressive than traditional engagement and wedding rings.

Styles of Right Hand Rings

  • Spectrum Style
    A spectrum of styles is available for right hand rings, ranging from the classic to the funky. Add to that a vast selection of gemstones and precious metals, and the combinations are infinite. Some customers relish the opportunity to design something completely unique, while others will prefer to select from a range crafted by jewellery designers.
  • Criss-Cross Style
    Popular styles include the criss-cross diamond ring (also known as the crossed diamond ring), in which small round diamonds are typically set in an intertwined criss-cross pattern, or something more akin to a cocktail ring, where diamonds and gemstones are arranged in more elaborate patterns.
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