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Gold Bracelets
Gold bracelets are one of the most purchased types of jewellery on the market, due to their versatile and tasteful aesthetic that can accompany almost any style of outfit. The unisex and adaptable nature of gold bracelets means they are enjoyed by both men and women of all ages. Interestingly, it was ancient Chinese communities who pioneered jewellery-making techniques many thousands of years ago that led to the development of gold bracelets. The lineage of gold bracelets can also be traced back to the ancient Egyptians, who introduced the gold charm bracelet to the world.

Style of Gold Bracelets

  • Gold Link Bracelets
    The most classic and recognised style of gold bracelet, gold link bracelets feature links of various shapes and sizes that lock together. Such bracelets made from Italian gold are often categorised as Italian gold bracelets, and can include gold mesh bracelets, gold curb bracelets, and byzantine bracelets.
  • Gold Charm Bracelets
    Beautiful and individual, gold charm bracelets are comprised of a gold link bracelet and one or a series of charms (small ornaments) that hang from its links. A thoughtful gift choice, gold charm bracelets are a lovely way for their wearers to express themselves through jewellery motifs that have real personal significance.
  • Gold Bangle Bracelets
    Designed to either slide over the hand or attach to the wrist via a small clasp, gold bangle bracelets circle the wrist in a stiff bangle style. As with other types of bangles, gold bangle bracelets may be worn as a single piece or stacked with other bracelets, and are youthful and versatile in their design. Some are very fine and plain; others are embellished with diamonds and other precious gemstones.
  • Gold Cuff Bracelets
    Designed to grip the lower forearm, gold cuff bracelets make a stunning contrast to finer and subtler gold bracelets. Their thick and sturdy shape includes a gap for wearers to be able to easily slide them on and off.
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