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Gold Necklaces
Decorative and elaborate, gold necklaces once adorned the necks of kings and queens as symbols of great wealth and power. Draping the neckline with a strand of gold remains an international image of class and beauty, and these days gold necklaces can be enjoyed in a vast array of styles and lengths due to gold's versatility and availability.
  • Gold Chain Necklaces
    Varying in thickness, length and style, gold chain necklaces are a staple of the gold jewellery family and are favoured by both men and women. Thick and sturdy gold necklaces are usually worn on their own, while thinner and more delicate styles may support a complementary pendant or charm.
  • Cable Chain
    Cable chains (or link chains) feature oval or rounded links, which are fastened together into an elegant strand that's popular with gold jewellery wearers the world over.
  • Twisted Rope Chain
    Twisted rope chains also incorporate oval-shaped links that are tightly spiralled together. Light to wear, this style braids several gold chain necklaces together to create a twisted rope effect.
  • Quadra Wheat Chain
    Quadra wheat chains twist several strands of oval-shaped links together to form one textured and sturdy rope.
  • Round Wheat Chain
    Round wheat chains are a modification of the same design using rounded links. Both styles owe their name to their visual likeness to strands of wheat.
  • Italian Gold Necklaces
    Worn by both men and women, Italian gold necklaces are a variation of gold chain necklaces, and encompass a multitude of styles and lengths. These include the tightly set Omega gold necklaces, and the knotted Byzantine gold necklace shape.
  • Gold Bead Necklaces
    Gold's answer to the iridescent pearl necklace, gold bead necklaces string delicate gold spheres together into a dazzling strand. They are composed in a variety of lengths, with the beads either uniform or of increasing size, and make an elegant addition to a formal outfit.
  • Indian gold necklaces
    Indian gold necklaces are generally the most elaborate category of gold necklace, with intricate embellishments that may feature bells, fringes and other flashy ornaments. Many Indian women wear such showpiece necklaces on their wedding days.
  • Gold Gemstone Necklaces
    Just as their name suggests, gold gemstone necklaces combine gold with precious gemstones, often of vibrant, contrasting color, such as sapphires, rubies and emeralds. The range of gold gemstone necklace designs is infinite, and their eye-catching beauty often makes them the feature point of an outfit.
  • Multi-Strand Gold Necklaces
    Youthful and fun, multi-strand gold necklaces feature two or more gold necklaces in a layered look that tastefully jazzes up dresses, blouses and women’s suits.
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