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Gold Pendants
A versatile style of jewellery that's fashionable with women of all ages, gold pendants typically feature a solid gold or gemstone centrepiece that dangles from a necklace made of fine gold. The necklace may weave through the pendant directly through a small hole, or the pendant can attach to a bail that hangs from the necklace. The wide variety of centrepiece designs makes mixing and matching one of the most enjoyable parts of owning a gold pendant.

Gold Pendant Structure

  • The Centerpiece
    The main focal point of a gold pendant is its centerpiece. Available in many shapes and sizes, the centerpiece may be fashioned from solid gold or from a complementary material, such as a precious gemstone.
  • The Setting
    The setting refers to the gold casing that holds the centerpiece in place. Settings range from the ornate to the plain, designed to either contribute to the pendant’s attractiveness, or to be a subtle support system.
  • The Bail
    The small gold loop that hangs from the necklace and attaches to the centerpiece is called a bail. Like settings, bails can be simple and classic, or may represent the most elaborate and decorative parts of the pendant.

Types of Gold Pendants

  • Gold Heart Pendants
    Gold heart pendants feature a romantic heart shape that may be either crafted from solid gold or designed as a delicate outline. Some hang from a setting and bail, and others weave the necklace through the heart itself for a contemporary and asymmetrical look.
  • Gold Solitaire Diamond Pendants
    These lovely pendants are similar to diamond solitaire pendants, except in these cases the diamond is set in gold, and typically fastens to a gold necklace through a gold bail. Usually, the diamond will be the focus of attention in such pieces, and the gold is there merely to support and complement its natural brilliance.
  • Gold Pearl Pendants
    A pendant that highlights both pearl and gold makes for a truly impressive piece of fine jewellery. Gold pearl pendants can be spectacularly subtle, with just a single pearl in a solitaire-style setting, or comprise a showy string of pearls along a gold chain, as well as additional embellishments or gemstones.
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