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Confined to the mines of South Africa, platinum's scarcity, durability, density and dazzling sheen have bolstered its popularity as a fine jewellery metal in recent decades.
  • Platinum Durability
    Platinum's beauty, strength and rarity are what make it so precious. Its strength in particular sets it apart from the other common precious metals – silver and gold. Unlike other precious metals, platinum does not easily tarnish, chip or wear down, and it can withstand high temperatures. Platinum jewellery is built to last, is hypoallergenic, and makes an excellent choice for lifelong engagement and wedding rings, anyone with a particularly active lifestyle, or those who wish to wear intricate pieces without worrying about damaging them. As the precious metal that ticks the most boxes, it's of little surprise that platinum comes at a high price.
  • Platinum Color
    Also silvery in color, platinum outperforms both white gold and silver in its resistance to corrosion, fading and tarnishing. Well cared for platinum maintains its lustre, ensuring each jewellery piece continues to sparkle long after its purchase. Add to that its remarkable strength, and platinum is commonly considered the superior silver-colored metal.
  • Platinum Alloys
    Alloys can be added to platinum to increase its malleability, enabling intricate designs that would be difficult to produce from pure platinum. Most frequently, platinum is mixed in the ratio of 95% to 5% iridium, ruthenium or palladium, and as such, the metal will usually be hallmarked with either '950 Plat' or simply 'Plat'. It's a good idea to check any platinum jewellery you wish to purchase for such markings to ensure you are buying the highest quality platinum, and a piece of jewellery that will stand the test of time.
  • Platinum valuation
    The durability, density and rarity of platinum, in combination with its high demand, make platinum more expensive than silver and gold.

Caring for Your Platinum Jewellery

To protect platinum's shiny appearance, occasionally soak your platinum jewellery in warm soapy water, and then gently scrub it with a soft brush or toothbrush before gently drying it with a soft cloth. Or, bring it to your local jewellers for a professional clean and polish. Left to its own devices, platinum may develop a subtle 'patina', or tarnish; however, some wearers actually prefer this softer shine. The choice is yours.
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