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Pearl Bracelets
The perfect complement to pearl necklaces and pendants, pearl bracelets make a beautiful addition to all flavours of outfits. The adaptability and flexibility of pearls have inspired a wide variety of elegant pearl bracelet designs. Given the simplicity of pearls themselves, much of the decorative elements found in pearl bracelets lie in the design of their clasps, which can range from the sleek and unembellished to the highly ornate.
  • Single-Strand Pearl Bracelets
    A lovely accompaniment to single-strand pearl necklaces, single-strand pearl bracelets are the most popular style of pearl bracelet. They can either encompass a strand of identical pearls, or mix and match pearls of different varieties, colours, sizes and shapes.
  • Pearls-by-The-Yard Bracelets
    This fashionable pearl bracelet design deposits pearls along a precious metal chain with equal spacing between them. Pearls-by-the-yard bracelets may feature either a single and delicate strand, or multiple strands for a more youthful and contemporary aesthetic.
  • Garland Pearl Bracelets
    Particularly favoured by brides, garland pearl bracelets are pretty and artistic, echoing an assortment of fresh flowers. Pearls are fastened around string or wire to create a bouquet effect, and are particularly striking when they combine varying types, colours, shapes and sizes of pearls.
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