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Pearl Necklaces
If asked to imagine pearl jewellery, many people would envision a sophisticated string of spherical pearls draped elegantly around a woman's neck. A graceful accessory made famous by actress Audrey Hepburn, pearl necklaces are the most popular style of pearl jewellery, and come in a variety of designs.
  • Princess Pearl Necklaces
    The most popular design of pearl necklace, princess pearl necklaces are around 50cm in length, and have a classic timelessness that make them the perfect accessory for almost any outfit.
  • Matinee Pearl Necklaces
    Slightly longer in length at around 50–70cm, matinee pearl necklaces are considered slightly more formal than princess pearl necklaces, and complement dresses and classic suits.
  • Opera Pearl Necklaces
    Opera pearl necklaces are usually between 72cm and 86cm long, and drape beautifully over formal dresses. They can also be worn doubled over, or tied in a knot for a more casual and contemporary look.
  • Rope Pearl Necklaces
    Starting at 92cm and extending father in many cases, rope pearl necklaces are the longest style of pearl necklace, and are designed to be doubled over one or more times. This type of pearl necklace may also be tied into a knot to produce an attractive cluster of pearls
  • Graduated Pearl Necklaces
    An alternative to the familiar succession of equally sized pearls, graduated pearl necklaces deliberately structure pearls in a line of increasing size – usually with the largest pearls in the centre of the necklace.
  • Pearl Chokers
    A contrast to rope pearl necklaces, pearl chokers are very short, and are designed to circle the base of the neck at a length of between 40cm and 46cm. They may feature either a solitary strand of pearls, or a more ornate design highlighting a small pendant made from a precious metal or complementary gemstone.
  • Pearl Collars
    Pearl collars are presented as either a single or layered strand of pearls worn high up on the neck. Pearl collars are generally around 28–33cm in length.
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