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Pearl Rings
Opulent and feminine pearl cocktail rings are forever in demand; however, pearl engagement rings and pearl wedding bands are becoming increasingly popular with those seeking to break away from tradition. The softness and pliancy of pearls allows them to be utilised within a variety of ring styles and shapes.
  • Pearl Cocktail Rings
    Easily the most recognisable style of pearl ring, pearl cocktail rings generally encompass more decorative and detailed elements than a pearl engagement or wedding ring. Typically vintage in design, they are often ornamental and large, and may incorporate a number of other precious gemstones.
  • Pearl Engagement Rings
    Pearl engagement rings are a unique alternative to diamond engagement rings, and offer their own timeless beauty, sense of purity, and romance. Most commonly designed to feature a solitary pearl, pearl engagement rings sometimes include other precious gemstones.
  • Pearl Wedding Rings
    An elegant and romantic way of utilising very small pearls, pearl wedding rings often incorporate a string of tiny pearls circling a precious metal band, which represents eternal love and commitment. Pearl wedding rings may also feature a single pearl, a short row of pearls, or a cluster of pearls.
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